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Oncoming traffic overlooked: Driver injured in accident

One of the two drivers was seriously injured in an accident involving two cars in the Zwickau district. The man at the wheel of the other car had turned left at a junction on Monday and had overlooked the oncoming vehicle of the 73-year-old, according to the police. A third vehicle was damaged by de ..

Fire engine collides with tree: 100,000 euros damage

The accident involving a fire engine in Ottendorf-Okrilla (Bautzen district) on Wednesday caused damage of around 100,000 euros. This was announced by the police on Thursday. The 59-year-old driver had to swerve out of the way of an oncoming vehicle that did not provide sufficient space. The body of ..

Fatal accident with hazardous goods truck: full closure on A4

One person died in a rear-end collision on the A4 near Wilsdruff (Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains district) on Friday. "The person who caused the accident succumbed to his injuries here at the scene of the accident," police chief inspector Enrico Behrendt told the German Press Agency. Accord ..

Accident with hazardous goods truck - full closure on A4

People were injured in a rear-end collision involving a hazardous goods truck and two other trucks on the A4 near Wilsdruff (Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains district) on Friday. The loaded nitrogen from the truck was leaking slightly, the police reported. The fire department pumped out the h ..

Pedestrian hit by car in Görlitz and fatally injured

A pedestrian has been hit by a car in Görlitz and fatally injured. The 68-year-old woman died in hospital as a result of her injuries, police said on Wednesday. The pedestrian was hit by the car while crossing Zeppelinstraße on Tuesday evening. The 43-year-old driver suffered minor injuries. The exa ..

Wrong-way driver causes pile-up on A13 freeway

A wrong-way driver has caused a serious traffic accident on the A13 highway from Berlin to Dresden. According to the police, the elderly man drove onto the highway in the wrong direction at the Klettwitz junction near Senftenberg. The accident then occurred in the direction of Dresden and, according ..

74-year-old seriously injured in collision at intersection

In a car collision at an intersection in Auerbach (Vogtland), a 74-year-old woman suffered serious injuries on Monday. The traffic lights at the intersection were off at the time of the accident, police said Tuesday. The traffic should be regulated by means of traffic signs. On the intersection, the ..

Cars collide head-on - four seriously injured

Four people were seriously injured, including a child, in an accident in Meerane (Zwickau district). A 41-year-old driver moved his car into the middle of the lane for initially unclear reasons on Friday and collided head-on with an oncoming car, police said on Saturday. The person who caused the ac ..

Wheelchair user hit by van: Seriously injured

In a collision between a van and an electric wheelchair in Dresden, an 89-year-old man was seriously injured on Tuesday afternoon. The wheelchair rider was riding in the wrong direction on the bike lane on Dr.-Külz-Ring, police said Tuesday. A van turning from an exit had hit the man. Rescue workers ..

Car rams into car during chase: policemen injured

Several patrol cars chased the driver of a suspected stolen car for kilometers through Saxony on Thursday. Two officers were injured in the process, according to the Görlitz police department. The officers pursued the car for nearly 100 kilometers from Dresden to Neugersdorf (Görlitz district). Ther ..

Traffic fatalities: sharp increase especially among older people

While the number of traffic fatalities in Thuringia and Saxony decreased in 2022, it increased significantly in Saxony-Anhalt. Most notable was the fact that the number of traffic fatalities involving people 75 years and older tripled from the previous year's figure of 41, said Dekra's regional spok ..

Young female moped rider dies after accident in Rammenau

In an accident in Rammenau (Bautzen district), a 19-year-old female moped rider died on Saturday. As the police department Görlitz announced on Sunday, she had wanted to drive on the B 98 and disregarded the right of way of a motorist. After the collision, the young woman died at the accident site. ..

Drunk pensioner crashes with her car

A 76-year-old woman crashed her car near Boxberg under the influence of alcohol and was slightly injured. As the police department Görlitz announced on Saturday, the senior citizen was driving a small car on the road between Kaschel and Zimpel the day before, when she suddenly left the road. The car ..

Car hits motor home on A38: 38-year-old dies

A 38-year-old driver from Saxony was killed in an accident on the A38 near the Halle-Süd interchange. According to the current state of investigation, he had hit a mobile home on Monday afternoon, the police announced in Halle in the evening. The driver of the motorhome then lost control of his vehi ..