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VW allows further employee contracts to expire

Due to weakening demand for electric cars, Volkswagen is continuing its job cuts in Saxony in 2024. In the course of the year, the contracts of almost 500 temporary employees will not be extended, a spokesperson said on Friday in response to an inquiry. The contracts of 269 employees have already ex ..

Weak demand for e-cars: VW cuts shift

Volkswagen is reacting to the weakening demand for electric cars and has canceled a shift at the Zwickau plant. The management and works council have agreed on a new way of working, a spokesperson explained in response to a dpa inquiry. Since this week, the production line in Hall 5, where the ID.3 ..

Kretschmer calls reduction in electricity tax "emergency operation"

Saxony's Minister President Michael Kretschmer sees the planned reduction in electricity tax for the manufacturing industry as an "emergency operation, but not a permanent solution". The CDU politician explained on Thursday that Saxony had been calling for the reduction for a long time and that it w ..

VW cuts e-car production in Zwickau again

A portion of production at Volkswagen's e-car factory in Zwickau is being shut down again. The reason for this is a lack of motors, a company spokesperson said on request. These are being sourced from the plant in Kassel. However, fewer of the required electric motors are currently being produced th ..

Car expert: German manufacturers are losing innovative strength

Car expert Stefan Bratzel believes that German manufacturers are increasingly lagging behind the competition from China when it comes to innovation. The innovative strength of Chinese car manufacturers has grown year on year and is now greater than that of German car manufacturers, warned Bratzel at ..

Chinese cars "made in Germany"? - Car congress starts

Chinese car manufacturers want to put more of their vehicles on the road outside their home market. This will probably not stop there. In the future, they could create thousands of jobs by building factories in Germany and Europe.

CDU environmental expert calls for federal commitment to solar industry

The CDU environmental expert in Saxony's state parliament, Robert Clemen, has urged the German government to take action on behalf of the German solar industry. "The time of vague promises is over, now action must be taken quickly," he said, according to a statement on Sunday. The German government ..

Volkswagen plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau

Volkswagen's plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau have met with a positive response in Saxony. René Utoff, acting head of Volkswagen Saxony's central works council, spoke of a "right signal for the Saxon locations" on Friday. "The SSP platform brings a future-proof perspective to Zwickau." He pointed out that, according to current plans, the thermal management system for the platform will also be built in Saxony: at the Chemnitz engine plant. "In this way, the Group is strengthening the production network in the region. Now we still need a viable perspective for Dresden."

Three-shift operation at VW in Zwickau in question

Further cuts are imminent at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. According to information obtained by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, management has terminated the company agreement on three-shift operation dating from 1991. It thus expires at the end of the year."The aim is to reach a new company agreeme ..

Automotive industry expects two-year lean period

Saxony's auto industry is bracing itself for a lean period of about two years. Although demand for vehicles in Europe is rising, it is still 20 percent below pre-Corona levels, Dirk Vogel of industry network AMZ said Tuesday in Zwickau. In addition, production of e-cars is rising more slowly than ex ..

Outflow of workers: Kretschmer concerned

Against the backdrop of job cuts at Volkswagen in Zwickau, Saxony's Minister President Michael Kretschmer has expressed concern about emigrating workers. "Everything that now migrates abroad will be there for 10 or 20 years and will not come back," the CDU politician said in an interview with the "F ..

Beiersdorf opens new plant for cosmetic products

The first products were already rolling off the production line in the first quarter of 2023. On Friday, Beiersdorf's new production facility for cosmetic products in the north of Leipzig was officially opened. Minister President Michael Kretschmer was also on site.

Beiersdorf officially opens production center in Leipzig

The Hamburg-based Dax group Beiersdorf plans to officially open a production center in Leipzig on Friday. Among others, Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) is expected to attend the official opening. At the beginning of May, the Nivea Group Beiersdorf had started production in its new p ..

TSMC investment brings pull for further new settlements

Economy Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) hopes the billion-euro investment by chip company TSMC in Dresden will attract more imitators. "This will mean a pull effect for further new settlements and the influx of highly qualified specialists," he said after visiting TSMC's headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, ..

AfD criticism of conversion to electric cars in Zwickau meets with criticism in Saxony's state parliament

The AfD's criticism of the conversion to electric cars at Volkswagen's Zwickau site almost three years ago has drawn widespread criticism in the Saxon state parliament. According to CDU member of parliament Jan Hippold, the transformation of the automotive industry offers both challenges and opportunities for new jobs. AfD parliamentary group leader Jörg Urban blames the political hype surrounding e-mobility for weakening demand at VW. SPD state chairman Henning Homann warns against a swan song for the e-car, saying this would harm employees and Saxony's industry.

VW plans to discontinue production in Transparent Factory

Volkswagen is planning to discontinue vehicle production at the Transparent Factory in Dresden, according to a report in Automobilwoche. The site is to be retained, however, and the roughly 300 employees will be given other tasks, the business newspaper reported, citing company sources. Since the be ..

Weak demand for e-cars: Nnegative consequences expected

When a car manufacturer has a production bottleneck, it has consequences for numerous supplier companies and their employees. The latest negative news from Volkswagen in Zwickau has hit a sector that has already been plagued by worries.

IG Metall sharply criticizes job cuts at VW in Zwickau

The IG Metall trade union has sharply criticized the cutback of hundreds of jobs at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. This is a personal catastrophe for those affected and their families, said the first authorized representative in Zwickau, Thomas Knabel, after a works meeting on Thursday. In additio ..

Electronics group Siltronic with expansion building in Freiberg

Silicon wafer manufacturer Siltronic is modernizing its production in Freiberg and has put an extension building into operation for this purpose. Several hundred million euros have reportedly been invested in the so-called crystal pulling hall. The company did not get more specific at the opening on ..

Politicians see home-made problems for problems at VW

Following the announced job cuts at Volkswagen in Zwickau, politicians from various parties have criticized the company's management. Those responsible at VW must take a critical look at their work, warned SPD member of parliament Carlos Kasper on Thursday. "Because we also see: things are going bet ..

VW and Audi stick to expansion of e-car production

Despite sluggish capacity utilization at Volkswagen's Zwickau e-car factory, production of the Audi Q4 e-tron and ID.3 is to be expanded to other locations. "We will also produce the Q4 e-tron in Brussels from the end of 2023 - in addition to production in Zwickau," an Audi spokeswoman told Deutsche ..

Concern about job cuts at VW: Works meeting planned

In view of sluggish demand for electric cars, Volkswagen is threatening to cut jobs at its Zwickau plant. According to dpa information, there is talk of not extending temporary contracts of employees. Initially, this could affect a few hundred of the total of around 10,700 employees at the Saxon sit ..

Günther calls for temporary bridge electricity price

Saxony's energy minister Wolfram Günther has called for a temporary, subsidized bridge electricity price for energy-intensive industrial companies. In Saxony, indispensable basic materials for the semiconductor and solar industries are produced, there are numerous energy-intensive companies that are ..

Hydrogen company receives 162 million euros in funding

The hydrogen economy in Germany is being expanded with further investments. The company Sunfire GmbH plans to invest a good 255 million euros at its Dresden site and will receive 162 million euros in funding from the state. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Saxony's Economics Min ..

Chip manufacturer TSMC sees problems for new Dresden plant

The world's largest semiconductor maker TSMC is facing problems for its plans to build a new plant in Dresden, Germany. At a shareholders' meeting Tuesday, TSMC Chairman of the Board Mark Liu said negotiations with the German side were ongoing.The Taiwanese chipmaker has concerns about certain issue ..

Economy in Saxony: Industry defies the crises with sales growth

Saxon industry recorded growth in 2022 despite ongoing crises. According to the State Statistical Office, the price-adjusted turnover of industrial companies rose by 3 percent year-on-year to 75.9 billion euros, which is higher than the nationwide increase of 2 percent. In November, a record result ..