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Saxony calls for rapid solution for major projects

Saxony's Energy Minister Wolfram Günther has called for swift certainty for planned and eligible projects following the budget ruling. "In Saxony, we are talking about the chip industry, the solar industry and large hydrogen projects, among others," said the Green politician on Monday after consulta ..

Anti-Israeli slogan prosecuted under criminal law

The slogan "From the river to the sea", which is often used at pro-Palestinian demonstrations, will also be prosecuted in Saxony in future. The opinion of the Munich Public Prosecutor General's Office is also shared by the Dresden Public Prosecutor General's Office, the Dresden authority said on Tue ..

Kretschmer promotes Saxony in Paris

Minister President Michael Kretschmer (CDU) wants to promote Saxony's economic cooperation and friendship with France during a visit to Paris. During the two-day trip, the Free State will host a reception on Wednesday together with the German ambassador to mark the Day of German Unity, as the Saxon ..

Outflow of workers: Kretschmer concerned

Against the backdrop of job cuts at Volkswagen in Zwickau, Saxony's Minister President Michael Kretschmer has expressed concern about emigrating workers. "Everything that now migrates abroad will be there for 10 or 20 years and will not come back," the CDU politician said in an interview with the "F ..

Study: Around 33,000 SMEs facing succession by 2030

In the course of demographic change, according to an expert opinion by management consultants Kienbaum, a management succession is due by 2023 at around 33,000 family businesses in Saxony. "We are talking about at least 131,000 jobs that need a perspective in the coming years," said Minister of Econ ..

Business delegation in East Asia on promotional tour for Saxony

With a delegation of entrepreneurs and scientists, Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) will be going on a promotional tour for Saxony's economy and research in East Asia next week. The appointments in Japan and South Korea will focus on cooperation in the field of microelectronics, alternative dri ..

Saxony must plug budget holes this year

Saxony's Finance Minister Hartmut Vorjohann (CDU) wants to use the billion-euro surplus from the two previous years to plug budget holes this year. It is about 1.1 billion euros, which remained in the reserve after the double budget 2021/22, confirmed a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance in Dresd ..

Günther calls for temporary bridge electricity price

Saxony's energy minister Wolfram Günther has called for a temporary, subsidized bridge electricity price for energy-intensive industrial companies. In Saxony, indispensable basic materials for the semiconductor and solar industries are produced, there are numerous energy-intensive companies that are ..

Saxon SMEs are by far the most important employers

The Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs has published the brochure "Saxony as a Location in Comparison with Other Regions 2022", which presents the state's development status in a German and European context. The report shows that Saxony is a leader in several areas, such as job density, SMEs, crafts ..

Saxony supports start-ups with 30 million euros for accelerators

Start-up assistance for start-ups: Saxony wants to strengthen the start-up landscape in the Free State with a funding program for so-called accelerators. Accelerators are institutions that take in start-ups for three to twelve months in so-called start-up classes, offering them office space, technic ..

State prizes for reasons and innovation awarded

Three companies from Dresden and Radeberg are the winners of this year's State Awards for Foundations, Transfer and Innovation. Poweron GmbH Dresden was chosen for its flexible bionic robot technology, which gives robots fingertip sensitivity, the Ministry of Economics announced Tuesday evening. Nuc ..

Economy in Saxony: Exports rise by a good 17 percent

In 2022, Saxon companies increased their exports to a record level. They increased their exports by 17% to 52.7 billion euros. The Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) announced that the development was not only due to higher prices. China remained the most important export market with 8.7 ..