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Bus drivers in short supply: Association for more lateral entrants

There is a serious shortage of bus drivers in local public transport. The situation is so tense that some companies are sometimes operating with emergency timetables or have to turn down bookings for school trips, for example, said the head of the Central German Bus Association, Mario König, in Erfu ..

IG Metall sharply criticizes job cuts at VW in Zwickau

The IG Metall trade union has sharply criticized the cutback of hundreds of jobs at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. This is a personal catastrophe for those affected and their families, said the first authorized representative in Zwickau, Thomas Knabel, after a works meeting on Thursday. In additio ..

Skilled workers in Saxony: Dulig welcomes plans for immigration law

Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Dulig has welcomed the draft law on the immigration of skilled workers passed by the German government. "Progress needs skilled workers and for this we must pull out all the stops, including here in Saxony. On the one hand, we need to better leverage dome ..