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IG Metall sharply criticizes job cuts at VW in Zwickau

The IG Metall logo on a banner. / Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa/Symbolbild
The IG Metall logo on a banner. / Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa/Symbolbild

The IG Metall trade union has sharply criticized the cutback of hundreds of jobs at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. This is a personal catastrophe for those affected and their families, said the first authorized representative in Zwickau, Thomas Knabel, after a works meeting on Thursday. In addition, many unanswered questions remained about future driving and personnel planning.

Knabel criticized the handling of temporary employees. In June, 540 contracts had indeed been de-fixed. However, all others were waiting for a clear perspective. "But together with the core workforce, they all made a decisive contribution to Zwickau's smooth transformation into the group's largest e-car plant." The fact that they would be stalled about their personal future for weeks, is a handling, "which we do not know so far at Volkswagen and also do not want to accept."

The union also sees politics in the duty and criticized Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. "As an acting player, you move in this arena and fight for industrial jobs in Saxony, instead of allowing yourself a spectator seat in the stands," criticized Knabel. He called for Kretschmer to play a more active role in the upcoming talks on the future of electromobility at VW's Zwickau site.

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