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Verdi calls for warning strike

The trade union Verdi has called for a warning strike this Friday in the Chemnitz-Erzgebirge-Mittelsachsen region - including at Chemnitz University of Technology. The reason for this is the so far unsuccessful wage negotiations for the public sector ..

IG Metall sharply criticizes job cuts at VW in Zwickau

The IG Metall trade union has sharply criticized the cutback of hundreds of jobs at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. This is a personal catastrophe for those affected and their families, said the first authorized representative in Zwickau, Thomas Knabel, after a works meeting on Thursday. In additio ..

DGB calls for more dynamism in structural change in Lusatia

Full energy for Lusatia: The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) has called for more dynamism in structural change in the south of Brandenburg and eastern Saxony. "Now must be clotted and not blotted. For this, a forward-looking structural policy is necessary, which focuses on tariff-bound, co-de ..