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VW allows further employee contracts to expire

Due to weakening demand for electric cars, Volkswagen is continuing its job cuts in Saxony in 2024. In the course of the year, the contracts of almost 500 temporary employees will not be extended, a spokesperson said on Friday in response to an inquiry. The contracts of 269 employees have already ex ..

Vatican relies on e-cars from Saxony

Electric cars from Saxony are now on the road in the service of the Holy See. This week, two ID.3 vehicles were handed over to Pope Francis. Both were manufactured in the Transparent Factory in Dresden, a spokesperson for Volkswagen Saxony said on Thursday in response to a question. The majority of ..

Weak demand for e-cars: VW cuts shift

Volkswagen is reacting to the weakening demand for electric cars and has canceled a shift at the Zwickau plant. The management and works council have agreed on a new way of working, a spokesperson explained in response to a dpa inquiry. Since this week, the production line in Hall 5, where the ID.3 ..

BMW in Leipzig now also produces the Mini Countryman

BMW has announced that it will produce the Mini Countryman at its plant in Leipzig. This is the first vehicle from the traditional brand to be manufactured in a BMW plant. Around 100,000 Mini Countryman are to be produced each year.

VW cuts e-car production in Zwickau again

A portion of production at Volkswagen's e-car factory in Zwickau is being shut down again. The reason for this is a lack of motors, a company spokesperson said on request. These are being sourced from the plant in Kassel. However, fewer of the required electric motors are currently being produced th ..

Carl Zeiss Jena introduces Böger as new sports director

Regional league soccer club FC Carl Zeiss Jena has filled the position of sports director with a prominent returnee. As the club announced on Wednesday, Stefan Böger, former Jena player and Bundesliga professional, has signed a contract until summer 2026. The 57-year-old most recently worked as a sc ..

Car expert: German manufacturers are losing innovative strength

Car expert Stefan Bratzel believes that German manufacturers are increasingly lagging behind the competition from China when it comes to innovation. The innovative strength of Chinese car manufacturers has grown year on year and is now greater than that of German car manufacturers, warned Bratzel at ..

Chinese cars "made in Germany"? - Car congress starts

Chinese car manufacturers want to put more of their vehicles on the road outside their home market. This will probably not stop there. In the future, they could create thousands of jobs by building factories in Germany and Europe.

Singer Howard Carpendale does not think about quitting

Singer Howard Carpendale may be approaching 80, but he's still not thinking about quitting. "I'm certainly no longer in the springtime of my career, but should I stop, I want to find the point at which I agree with the audience that enough is enough," the 77-year-old told Deutsche Presse-Agentur in an interview. That point, however, is still a long way off for him, he added. "At the moment, I actually feel quite the opposite. I have very, very much desire.

Proposal for the traffic turnaround

The traffic turnaround is no good as an ideological dispute. Car traffic in large cities and metropolitan areas is often on the verge of collapse and pollutes the environment. Suburban connections by public transport and commuter trains often do not work well. Doubling spending on public transit and long-distance commuter rail is needed. There is also a need to shift freight traffic back from highways to rail and waterways. The goal should be large-scale container loading onto rail and waterways. Freight forwarding should only take place over the last mile.

Volkswagen plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau

Volkswagen's plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau have met with a positive response in Saxony. René Utoff, acting head of Volkswagen Saxony's central works council, spoke of a "right signal for the Saxon locations" on Friday. "The SSP platform brings a future-proof perspective to Zwickau." He pointed out that, according to current plans, the thermal management system for the platform will also be built in Saxony: at the Chemnitz engine plant. "In this way, the Group is strengthening the production network in the region. Now we still need a viable perspective for Dresden."

Electric Golf from Wolfsburg - "Trinity" model to Zwickau

Volkswagen wants to build a new electric Golf in Wolfsburg instead of the previously planned "Trinity" model of the future. This was announced by the Group and the Works Council following a Supervisory Board meeting in Wolfsburg on Friday. The "Trinity" future model previously planned in Wolfsburg i ..

Three-shift operation at VW in Zwickau in question

Further cuts are imminent at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. According to information obtained by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, management has terminated the company agreement on three-shift operation dating from 1991. It thus expires at the end of the year."The aim is to reach a new company agreeme ..

VW cuts production in Zwickau and Dresden

Volkswagen is curbing production of electric cars at its Zwickau and Dresden sites for two weeks. In Zwickau, a production line will be shut down during the fall vacations, a spokesman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The reason given for the move is weakening demand. Production of the ID.4, ID.5, Audi ..

Automotive industry expects two-year lean period

Saxony's auto industry is bracing itself for a lean period of about two years. Although demand for vehicles in Europe is rising, it is still 20 percent below pre-Corona levels, Dirk Vogel of industry network AMZ said Tuesday in Zwickau. In addition, production of e-cars is rising more slowly than ex ..

AfD criticism of conversion to electric cars in Zwickau meets with criticism in Saxony's state parliament

The AfD's criticism of the conversion to electric cars at Volkswagen's Zwickau site almost three years ago has drawn widespread criticism in the Saxon state parliament. According to CDU member of parliament Jan Hippold, the transformation of the automotive industry offers both challenges and opportunities for new jobs. AfD parliamentary group leader Jörg Urban blames the political hype surrounding e-mobility for weakening demand at VW. SPD state chairman Henning Homann warns against a swan song for the e-car, saying this would harm employees and Saxony's industry.

Lusatia develops into a focal point for battery production

The establishment of companies like Altech promotes the development of battery production in Lusatia. Altech plans to build two factories in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park in Brandenburg, with investments of over one billion euros and the creation of 1,000 jobs.

VW plans to discontinue production in Transparent Factory

Volkswagen is planning to discontinue vehicle production at the Transparent Factory in Dresden, according to a report in Automobilwoche. The site is to be retained, however, and the roughly 300 employees will be given other tasks, the business newspaper reported, citing company sources. Since the be ..

Weak demand for e-cars: Nnegative consequences expected

When a car manufacturer has a production bottleneck, it has consequences for numerous supplier companies and their employees. The latest negative news from Volkswagen in Zwickau has hit a sector that has already been plagued by worries.

IG Metall sharply criticizes job cuts at VW in Zwickau

The IG Metall trade union has sharply criticized the cutback of hundreds of jobs at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. This is a personal catastrophe for those affected and their families, said the first authorized representative in Zwickau, Thomas Knabel, after a works meeting on Thursday. In additio ..

Politicians see home-made problems for problems at VW

Following the announced job cuts at Volkswagen in Zwickau, politicians from various parties have criticized the company's management. Those responsible at VW must take a critical look at their work, warned SPD member of parliament Carlos Kasper on Thursday. "Because we also see: things are going bet ..

VW and Audi stick to expansion of e-car production

Despite sluggish capacity utilization at Volkswagen's Zwickau e-car factory, production of the Audi Q4 e-tron and ID.3 is to be expanded to other locations. "We will also produce the Q4 e-tron in Brussels from the end of 2023 - in addition to production in Zwickau," an Audi spokeswoman told Deutsche ..

Concern about job cuts at VW: Works meeting planned

In view of sluggish demand for electric cars, Volkswagen is threatening to cut jobs at its Zwickau plant. According to dpa information, there is talk of not extending temporary contracts of employees. Initially, this could affect a few hundred of the total of around 10,700 employees at the Saxon sit ..

Globalization rethought

The neoliberal dumping globalization fails worldwide. Capital and labor are components of economic life with opposing tendencies. If capital accumulates without restraint, this leads to the collapse of the system. Social market economy means purchasing power for all, prosperity for all, so that more services and products are in demand. It is necessary to think globally about this cycle of the social market economy, to implement it in global policy.

Car density on the rise: More and more cars in Saxony, too

Despite all efforts for a traffic turnaround, more and more cars are on the road in Saxony. From 2012 to 2022, the number of registered cars per 1000 inhabitants increased by more than five percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the value in Saxony in 2012 was ..

Porsche experience workshop opens: Offer for pupils

The automobile manufacturer Porsche has expanded its promotion of young talent in Leipzig with an experience workshop. The aim is to give children and young people from grades 3 to 9 playful access to mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT), Porsche announced on Monday. ..

23 million euros in damage caused by severe weather in Saxony

Car insurers had to spend around 23 million euros on damage caused by severe weather in Saxony last year. This is roughly the same level as the previous year, according to figures released by the German Insurance Association (GDV) on Wednesday. In both 2021 and 2022, about 7500 losses due to storms, ..

Saxony extends special regime for Ukrainian cars

Saxony extends the exemption for vehicles of Ukrainian refugees until June 30. Cars with valid Ukrainian registration and sufficient liability insurance may participate in traffic until then, as Transport Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) announced in Dresden on Monday. "I am pleased that together we coul ..