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A ballpoint pen lies on an application to open insolvency proceedings. / Photo: Jonas Walzberg/dpa

Fewer consumers insolvent: but more companies

The State Statistical Office in Saxony registered an opposing trend in insolvencies last year. The number of consumer insolvencies fell slightly, while the number of corporate insolvencies rose sharply. As the authority announced on Wednesday, a total of 2944 insolvency proceedings were reported for ..

Lufthansa passenger jets parked at an airport / Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa/Symbolic image

Flight cancellations on Thursday and Friday

Passengers at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden airports must be prepared for cancellations and delays on Thursday and Friday due to the announced warning strike by Lufthansa ground staff. Lufthansa expects "extensive effects on the flight program", the airline announced on Monday. The exact effects were in ..

The product mentioned in the text has been recalled / Photo: ---/dpa-Infografik/dpa/Illustration

Company recalls cookies nationwide

The company Banketbakkerij Merba B.V. has recalled various types of cookies nationwide. The reason for the recall is that the packs could contain metal contaminants. The affected products were immediately withdrawn from sale, the company announced on Tuesday. They were available in almost all German ..

The product mentioned in the text has been recalled / Photo: ---/dpa-Infografik/dpa/Illustration

Cookie manufacturer recalls products nationwide

The Dutch company Banketbakkerij Merba has recalled cookie varieties of various brands throughout Germany due to possible metal parts. The company announced on Friday that it could not rule out the possibility of metal contaminants in individual packs. Consumption is not recommended. The affected pr ..

Various groceries in a shopping cart. / Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa/Symbolic image

Inflation in Saxony weakens in January

Inflation weakened in Saxony in January. Annual inflation is expected to have been 3.5 percent in January, according to the State Statistical Office in Kamenz on Thursday. This continues the trend of weakening inflation from 2023. Compared to December, consumer prices are expected to have risen by 0 ..

Wolfram Günther (Alliance90/The Greens), Environment Minister of Saxony / Photo: Robert Michael/dpa

Repair bonus meets with a good response in Saxony

Say goodbye to the throwaway society: in Saxony, the response to the so-called repair bonus - the financial help for consumers to repair televisions, radios and other devices - has been great. Since the start of the funding in November 2023, 1683 applications have already been approved and around 17 ..

A shopping box with groceries and a woman holding euro banknotes in her hands. / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa/Illustration

Inflation in Saxony picks up again in December

The inflation rate in Saxony rose again in December compared to the previous month. According to the State Statistical Office in Kamenz on Thursday, it is expected to be 4.3 percent. In November, the figure was still 3.9 percent. The statisticians mainly blamed seasonal effects for the rise in consu ..

The product mentioned in the text has been recalled / Photo: ---/dpa-Infografik/dpa/Illustration

Bio Company recalls goji berries

The manufacturer Bio Company is recalling goji berries with a best-before date of 28.05.2024 due to the risk of salmonella. The warning relates to the 100-gram pre-packaged product, the company announced on the lebensmittelwarnung.de platform on Friday. Packs with a different best-before date are no ..

The product mentioned in the text has been recalled / Photo: ---/dpa-Infografik/dpa/Illustration

Company recalls "Green raisins extra long"

Hamburg-based Nadi Holding GmbH has recalled the product "Grüne Rosinen extra lang". The portal of the federal states and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety announced on Wednesday that an increased content of sulphur dioxide had been detected. The 400-gram packs with a best-be ..

Food lying in a shopping cart in a supermarket / Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa/Symbolic image

More expensive cookies - but overall inflation rate is easing

Christmas baking is expensive for many Saxons this year. The prices for a number of baking ingredients are significantly higher than a year ago, the State Statistical Office announced on Wednesday. Sugar (20.3 percent), baking powder and vanilla sugar (13.3), jam (11.4) as well as eggs and flour (2. ..

A person uses an old radiator / Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa

Share of modern heating systems increased in Saxony

The proportion of households in Saxony with modern heating systems has risen. At the same time, the proportion of particularly old heating systems has risen. The federal government is planning measures for climate-friendly heating.

A train attendant walks to a parked train near the main station / Photo: Bernd Wüstneck/dpa

Disruptions also possible on the East German railroad

The private railroad company Odeg is also expecting disruptions and cancellations on its lines due to the warning strike by the train drivers' union GDL. As Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn uses the infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn, restrictions are possible, Odeg announced in Berlin on Wednesday. However, Odeg ..

A warning triangle stands near the scene of an accident / Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa/Symbolic image

Car lifts off in accident and crashes into treetop

A car has flown around 30 meters through the air in an accident in the Ore Mountains, also crashing into a treetop. The 24-year-old driver was seriously injured on Sunday night, police said. Her breath alcohol level was measured at 1.2 per mille. The woman was traveling from Oelsnitz to Zschocken. I ..