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Köpping calls for more financial leeway

The SPD's designated lead candidate in Saxony, Petra Köpping, has called for more will to shape the state's most pressing problems. It is not enough to simply name the problems and enrich them with unworthy discussions, said the 65-year-old at the extraordinary state party conference in Neukieritzsc ..

Lars Klingbeil at the state party conference of the SPD Saxony

Saxony's SPD wants to get in the mood for the state elections next September at a state party conference. Among other things, SPD federal chairman Lars Klingbeil is expected to give a speech on Saturday (10.00 am) in Neukieritzsch (Leipzig district). In addition, current Social Affairs Minister Petr ..

Federal police prepared at Saxon borders

Following the U-turn by Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) on the issue of stationary border controls, the Federal Police is prepared at the Saxon borders with Poland and the Czech Republic.

2024 state election: SPD wants to give 100 percent in the final sprint

The SPD in the Saxon state parliament is already gearing up for the finale a year before the state elections. "We give 100 percent for the final spurt," faction leader Dirk Panter expressed his determination on Friday after a faction retreat in Chemnitz. He said that opportunities must be seized ins ..

Discord in the coalition and criticism of Kretschmer

From the Saxony coalition are again discords audible. SPD leader Henning Homann on Monday criticized continued criticism of the traffic light government in Berlin by Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and the CDU/CSU. "The campaigns against the traffic light are unserious. Because it is the fed ..

Saxony SPD sees poor poll numbers as "warning shot"

Saxony's SPD sees poor poll results for itself and others as a "warning shot" a year before state elections. For the first time, one is in a situation where the coalition of CDU, Greens and SPD would no longer have a majority - even if only just, party leader Henning Homann said in Dresden on Thursd ..