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Saxony's CDU calls for a reduction in the wolf population

A wolf walks through an enclosure at the Tripsdrill Wildlife Park waiting for food / Photo: Bernd Weißbrod/dpa
A wolf walks through an enclosure at the Tripsdrill Wildlife Park waiting for food / Photo: Bernd Weißbrod/dpa

Saxony's CDU is pushing for a reduction in the wolf population in the state. SPD top candidate and Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping reacts immediately.

The CDU in Saxony is calling for a wolf hunt. At the very least, CDU politicians are pushing for a reduction of the population in the state. SPD top candidate and Social Affairs Minister Petra Köpping reacted immediately on Friday to statements from the CDU, which were reported by "Sächsische.de" on the same day. According to the report, the CDU wants to make it a condition for the coming legislature that the number of wolves is reduced by a third each year. "We need sensible, non-ideological solutions when it comes to wolves. It must become easier to remove wolves that pose a danger," Köpping also demanded. However, fixed quotas would make no sense. The term removal refers to shooting.

"If there is an objective problem, it must be possible to remove the wolf quickly and unbureaucratically. This is not the case right now. That's why we need to change it," explained Köpping. At the same time, she warned against polarization: "We have to solve the problem objectively. It is detrimental to social cohesion to open up the next topic of conflict with the most provocative demands possible. According to the motto: the main thing is conflict. You can perhaps annoy the Greens with this, but the vast majority of Saxons want a pragmatic policy here. And that's what we should do."

"Sächsische.de" quoted Georg-Ludwig von Breitenbuch, deputy leader of the CDU parliamentary group in the state parliament, as saying. "We have too many wolves". "The reduction by one third per year must be included in the coalition agreement," added CDU State Secretary Conrad Clemens. Otherwise, there is a risk of further stagnation on the subject of wolves.

The strictly protected wolves are an ongoing issue in Saxon politics. This is because the Free State is one of the federal states with the highest number of packs. According to statistics, there were recently 38 packs, four pairs and two single animals. Pack sizes usually fluctuate between five and ten animals. This means that there are probably more than 300 wolves living in Saxony. The CDU is concerned with minimizing the population by the annual growth rate.

This is also due to the losses suffered by Saxon livestock farmers, especially sheep farmers. Last year, 360 cases of damage were reported to the Wolf Unit at the State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology, in 273 cases wolves were named "with sufficient certainty" as the cause. A total of 1376 animals were killed, injured or went missing.

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