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Lebenshilfe Reichenbach: 6.8 million for new workshop building

The Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs has pledged 6.8 million euros to Lebenshilfe Reichenbach (Vogtlandkreis) for the construction of a new workshop. The official funding decision was handed over on Monday, according to the State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion. The new building is i ..

Deported family is brought back from Albania

A minor and her family who were wrongly deported to Albania from Central Saxony can return to Germany. Although the legal examination of the case is not yet completed, informed Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) on Friday. However, the deportation in mid-September took place although there was a ..

"Heim-TÜV" certifies solid accommodation for refugees

Refugees are, according to the assessment of Saxony's Commissioner for Foreigners Geert Mackenroth, accommodated and cared for in the Free State in a largely sound manner. However, the conditions in the individual accommodations vary greatly. "The 'Heim-TÜV' shows potential, and its results improve ..

Globalization rethought

The neoliberal dumping globalization fails worldwide. Capital and labor are components of economic life with opposing tendencies. If capital accumulates without restraint, this leads to the collapse of the system. Social market economy means purchasing power for all, prosperity for all, so that more services and products are in demand. It is necessary to think globally about this cycle of the social market economy, to implement it in global policy.

Number of adoptions in Saxony continues to rise

A total of 243 children and young people were adopted in Saxony in 2022. That was 13 more than in 2021, as the State Statistical Office announced in Kamenz on Monday. The majority of them (62 percent) were adopted by the stepparents, so there was no change in the living situation of the children and ..

"Saxon Summer": Young people work for the common good

Working for the common good and gaining experience for their future careers - this opportunity is offered to young people by the "Saxon Summer" program. As the Ministry of Social Affairs announced on Sunday, 117 interested people have registered for it so far. Further registrations are possible, the ..

557 social housing units completed in Saxony in 2022

In Saxony, 557 social housing units were completed last year. This was announced by the state parliamentary group of the Left Party on Sunday. According to a response from the Saxon government to a small question from the faction's housing policy spokeswoman, Juliane Nagel, 297 of the new social hou ..