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Wasps in late summer: nature center appeals for understanding

The nature center of the district Bautzen asks for understanding for the activity of the wasps in late summer and gives tips for handling

The nature center of the district of Bautzen has appealed for understanding for the wasps, which are very active just these days. "In late summer, the forming state is supplemented by the breeding of males and young queens. The wasp workers now have a lot to do, because all animals must be supplied with sufficient food," the nature center based in Neschwitz announced on Friday.

For wasps, it is a matter of survival as a wasp state during this time. "No wonder, then, that they appear more aggressive. The safest thing to do is to cover food outdoors and put away leftovers. Those who have compassion for the hungry animals can set up a small bowl of juice in a distant place where the animals can cavort."

In principle, trapping, injuring and killing the animals, as well as damaging or destroying actively used nests without good reason, is prohibited, it said. However, if the animals build their nest directly on the door frame of the apartment door, the dwelling may be removed independently. With the wasp kind hornet it behaves differently. Hornets are strictly protected under the Federal Nature Conservation Act. According to the Nature Center, they are much more relaxed than their relatives and perform valuable tasks in the ecosystem. As "nature police" they would actively counteract the mass reproduction of pests.

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