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Giant donkey from Saxony could end up in the Guinness Book

A donkey stands on a forest pasture / Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa/Symbolic image
A donkey stands on a forest pasture / Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa/Symbolic image

The farm owner Katharina Perutzki is hoping that her giant donkey Fred will be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. "There is currently no bigger donkey in the world," says the proud owner of the "Kuschelfarm" sanctuary in Krostitz, Saxony. The 31-year-old registered her meadow donkey, which measures 174 centimetres, with the Guinness Book of Records last week.

The reason for this is the death of the previous record holder, Romulus from the USA. The farm operator recently found out about it on Facebook. This means that the municipality of Krostitz could soon be home to the world's biggest donkey.

"I would actually wish, in his spirit, that he wasn't so big," admits Perutzki. On the one hand, she is proud of her Fred. On the other hand, his size is a huge burden for him. Unlike normal donkeys, which according to Perutzki live to be around 50 years old on average, giant donkeys do not have a long life expectancy. Fred, who was crowned Saxony's runner-up in donkey racing a few years ago, is now ten years old.

Perutzki offers a home to old and sick animals at the "Kuschelfarm" sanctuary. The farm is currently home to donkeys, horses, mules, llamas, cats and a dog. In summer, there will be another farm festival where animal lovers can meet Fred in person.

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