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Saxony Today: When a vision meets patience and perseverance

Dresden with Elbe and Elbe cycle track (Image: Archive DieSachsen.de)
Dresden with Elbe and Elbe cycle track (Image: Archive DieSachsen.de)

Dresden, 05.09.2023: In a time when news is often dominated by negativity, there are stories that remind us that persistence, vision and community spirit can move mountains. One such story is that of "Saxony Today," a project that has triumphed against all odds.
3.5 years ago, in a modest office in Saxony, the journey of "Saxony Today" began. A small team, led by Thomas Wolf, asked themselves a simple question: how can we present Saxony in a more positive light and at the same time facilitate the integration of people living here? The answer was clear: through language and information.

The vision was to inform the world that Saxony has far more to offer than the often-cited negative headlines. It was about telling the real stories of Saxony - of inspiring people, successful businesses and cultural achievements.
In the initial phase of the project, they held talks with renowned institutions such as GlobalFoundries, Silicon Saxony e.V. and various Saxon ministries. These talks, combined with a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext, gave the team hope and motivation. But then came the year 2020 and with it the Corona pandemic, which threw the plans into disarray.

But as Wolf pointed out in his post, "My patience ends when the goal is reached!" And that goal has now been reached. Thanks to the support of the Saxon State Agency for Private Broadcasting u. New Media and the Free State of Saxony, news on DieSachsen.de can now be read in four languages: German, English, Spanish and Ukrainian. And soon Arabic will be added as well.

This triumph is not only a victory for the team behind "Saxony Today," but also for Saxony as a whole. It shows that we can come together as a community to bring about positive change and create a more inclusive and cosmopolitan region.
We at DieSachsen.de are incredibly proud to be part of this movement and invite everyone to visit our platform and read our stories. Together we can create a better future for Saxony and for the world.
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