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Fridays for Future vs. #ClimateProtectionLaw: The fight for our future! #Webinar

Fridays For Future Demo in Dresden
Fridays For Future Demo in Dresden

Fridays for Future advocates against climate law changes. Discover why this movement is fighting for a greener future.

Check that times: Everywhere ignites's - forests, water shortage and too much water everywhere. But instead of doing something for the climate, the traffic lights in their chill phase this summer lowkey 'nen real climate fail: they want to change the climate protection law. Sounds harmless, doesn't it? But no joke, that's like canceling climate protection. People like Volker Wissing could then just leave and hope that others will straighten out his bullshit. Hasn't the guy already made a mess of the climate issue this year? With the new changes, his lurching would then suddenly be fully okay. 🙄

But stop! A few MPs are already showing that they are not down with the move. It bubbles already properly: local groups plan demos and are in the talk with the policy heads. The climate crew is still full on and not letting up!

Your Move now: Tune in - Webinar on Wednesday (Aug 23) at 7pm! You'll check out what these changes actually mean and how we'll convince MPs not to go through with it. Save the date, folks!

Crazy, right? Would be really crass if we now think to ourselves: "Had we once the GroKo back". In 2019 we were mega loud - 1.4 million people for climate protection on the Streets. That worked, GroKo got the message and passed the climate protection law. Now the traffic lights want to kill this vibe. 🤯

But no way, we stay on the ball! In 2019, we fought for a fat strong climate protection law. A few of our gang even sued and the court said, "Yo, you guys are right!" Even UN boss Guterres then found the law lit. Now we need to push MPs to block this backward step. How? That you check in the webinar - among other things with the crass lawyer Remo Klinger and the Dude Linus Steinmetz, who has also sued there.

So, what is? Are you Wednesday at 7 pm at the start? Set yourselves ne Reminder!

Together we make the difference - let's rock it! 🤘

>> The current situation: planned weakening of the climate protection law - (YOUTUBE webinar on 23.08.2023) <<

P.S. Check this: Are the changes even legal? 2021, the court has already said that climate protection must be clearly regulated and can not be postponed forever. But that's exactly what could happen now. There are already protests and talks in some spots. In the webinar you'll get info on how you can also help block this whack move! 🌍❤️✊🏼


Source: Fridays For Future newsletter dated 08/21/2023 regarding "Climate Change Act Webinar"

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