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Climate strike in Dresden 15.09. - All routes, all times, all facts! 🌍✌️

Ready for the climate strike in Dresden? Here you will find all the information: Start at 1 p.m. at Postplatz, four feeder demonstrations and the complete route. Be there!

Yo, folks! Check out what's going on: The global climate strike is just around the corner, and it's high time that we all stand up and do something. No more Bock on the old bags in politics, only babble, but nix check. It's five past twelve, people, and we have to act now!

What's up?

So, the vibe is clear: we need real climate protection, and pronto! Whether you're Herbert, the 85-year-old grandpa, or Jasmin, the 17-year-old activist, it doesn't matter. We all have to stick together and fight for our future. It's not just about us, it's about grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher - everyone!

The vision

Imagine if all parties would finally put their egos aside and work together for climate protection. No hate, no fake news, just pure action. That's the vision, folks, and we can make it a reality!

What can we do?

First of all, stand up and do something! Join youth parties, write for newspapers, make podcasts, whatever. The main thing is that you are not powerless, but full of power!


We keep dreaming, we keep shouting, we keep demanding - until those up there finally realize that they have to act. And if you see it that way too, then all of you shout along: HELL YES!

Where and when? 🗓️

Here comes the important stuff, folks! The strike starts at 1pm at the post office square. The route is easy, only 3.5 km long, and takes you past the Opera, across the Augustusbrücke to Carolaplatz. There will be a rally at 14:45. Afterwards it goes back over the Carolabrücke, the Pirnaischer Platz, along the Altmarkt and back to the Postplatz. At 4 p.m. the final rally will take place there. So, be there and let's rock the thing!

Feeder demos - More ways to the goal 🛣️

For the climate strike this Friday, there are even four feeder demos! Depending on where you hang out, you can join one of the following routes:


  • St. Benno Gymnasium (12:15)
  • Marie Curie Gymnasium (12:40)


  • Semper Oberschule (11:45)
  • Dreikönigschule (12:00)
  • Romain Rolland Gymnasium (12:20)
  • High School (12:35)

SOUTHEAST (by bike)

  • Tschirnhaus Gymnasium (12:15)
  • Gymnasium Bürgerwiese (12:35)


  • Helmut Schön Allee (12:30)

So, guys, let's rock this climate strike and show that we are ready for real climate protection. See you then, and peace out! ✌️🌍💚


Find more info at https://fffdd.de/aktion/2023-09-15-globaler-klimastreik/

Strikes in Saxon cities can be found here: https://www.diesachsen.de/veranstaltungen/sachsen/globaler-klimastreik-am-freitag-15-september-2023-klimastreik-4732 #Dresden #Zwickau #Chemnitz #Freiberg #Riesa #Leipzig

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