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Pope Francis waves from a car as he arrives at St. Stephen's Cathedral / Photo: Denes Erdos/AP/dpa

Vatican relies on e-cars from Saxony

Electric cars from Saxony are now on the road in the service of the Holy See. This week, two ID.3 vehicles were handed over to Pope Francis. Both were manufactured in the Transparent Factory in Dresden, a spokesperson for Volkswagen Saxony said on Th ..

A sign shows the way to the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

Volkswagen plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau

Volkswagen's plans to build the Trinity model in Zwickau have met with a positive response in Saxony. René Utoff, acting head of Volkswagen Saxony's central works council, spoke of a "right signal for the Saxon locations" on Friday. "The SSP platform brings a future-proof perspective to Zwickau." He pointed out that, according to current plans, the thermal management system for the platform will also be built in Saxony: at the Chemnitz engine plant. "In this way, the Group is strengthening the production network in the region. Now we still need a viable perspective for Dresden."

The party logo is seen at the AfD national party conference at the Magdeburg Exhibition Center. / Photo: Carsten Koall/dpa/archive image

AfD criticism of conversion to electric cars in Zwickau meets with criticism in Saxony's state parliament

The AfD's criticism of the conversion to electric cars at Volkswagen's Zwickau site almost three years ago has drawn widespread criticism in the Saxon state parliament. According to CDU member of parliament Jan Hippold, the transformation of the automotive industry offers both challenges and opportunities for new jobs. AfD parliamentary group leader Jörg Urban blames the political hype surrounding e-mobility for weakening demand at VW. SPD state chairman Henning Homann warns against a swan song for the e-car, saying this would harm employees and Saxony's industry.