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The Vitesco Technologies logo on a sign in front of the factory premises / Photo: Armin Weigel/dpa

Vitesco earns more before merger with Schaeffler

The automotive supplier Vitesco has earned significantly more in its day-to-day business. For the year as a whole, the Regensburg-based company achieved earnings before interest and taxes of 341.1 million euros, adjusted for special effects, as announced on Friday. This was a good half more than in ..

A symbol marks a parking space at a charging station for electric cars / Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/Symbolbild

More cars produced - e-mobility falls short of expectations

More vehicles were produced in Saxony's car factories in 2023 than in the previous year. The number rose by ten percent to 560,000, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Automotive Suppliers Network Saxony (AMZ) announced on Sunday. With 253,000 e-cars, electromobility fell somewhat short of expe ..

Fitters carry a solar module on a roof / Photo: Waltraud Grubitzsch/dpa/Archivbild

Dresden solar company: No improvement in the situation in sight

According to Solarwatt CEO Detlef Neuhau, there is no improvement in sight for solar companies. "Like various market participants, we have been pointing out the economically threatening situation for the manufacturing solar industry in Germany and Europe to the public and in many direct talks with p ..

An electric car being charged at a charging station. / Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa/Symbolic image

Supplier network warns of job losses in the automotive industry

After the abrupt end of the e-car subsidy, the Saxon car supplier network AMZ has warned of job losses. With its current economic policy, the federal government is making itself untrustworthy and destroying the automotive industry, criticized network manager Dirk Vogel on Monday. "For years, it has ..

Pope Francis waves from a car as he arrives at St. Stephen's Cathedral / Photo: Denes Erdos/AP/dpa

Vatican relies on e-cars from Saxony

Electric cars from Saxony are now on the road in the service of the Holy See. This week, two ID.3 vehicles were handed over to Pope Francis. Both were manufactured in the Transparent Factory in Dresden, a spokesperson for Volkswagen Saxony said on Thursday in response to a question. The majority of ..

A vehicle from the Chinese company BYD at the IAA motor show in Munich. / Photo: Uwe Lein/dpa/Archivbild

Chinese cars "made in Germany"? - Car congress starts

Chinese car manufacturers want to put more of their vehicles on the road outside their home market. This will probably not stop there. In the future, they could create thousands of jobs by building factories in Germany and Europe.

The logo of the energy service provider EnviaM on the roof of the company headquarters in Chemnitz / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa/Archivbild

EnviaM increases electricity price for heat pumps: gas price falls

The energy supplier EnviaM is increasing the electricity price for owners of heat pumps and heat storage systems. As of January 1, the price for heat pump electricity will rise by 4.21 cents to 33.10 cents per kilowatt hour gross, the company announced on Monday. That is an increase of around 15 per ..

View of the Volkswagen Sachsen gate at the Zwickau site / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

Electric Golf from Wolfsburg - "Trinity" model to Zwickau

Volkswagen wants to build a new electric Golf in Wolfsburg instead of the previously planned "Trinity" model of the future. This was announced by the Group and the Works Council following a Supervisory Board meeting in Wolfsburg on Friday. The "Trinity" future model previously planned in Wolfsburg i ..

A sign shows the way to the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa/Archivbild

VW cuts production in Zwickau and Dresden

Volkswagen is curbing production of electric cars at its Zwickau and Dresden sites for two weeks. In Zwickau, a production line will be shut down during the fall vacations, a spokesman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The reason given for the move is weakening demand. Production of the ID.4, ID.5, Audi ..

The party logo is seen at the AfD national party conference at the Magdeburg Exhibition Center. / Photo: Carsten Koall/dpa/archive image

AfD criticism of conversion to electric cars in Zwickau meets with criticism in Saxony's state parliament

The AfD's criticism of the conversion to electric cars at Volkswagen's Zwickau site almost three years ago has drawn widespread criticism in the Saxon state parliament. According to CDU member of parliament Jan Hippold, the transformation of the automotive industry offers both challenges and opportunities for new jobs. AfD parliamentary group leader Jörg Urban blames the political hype surrounding e-mobility for weakening demand at VW. SPD state chairman Henning Homann warns against a swan song for the e-car, saying this would harm employees and Saxony's industry.

Uwe Ahrens, board member of Altech Advanced Materials, stands in front of a solid-state battery at Fraunhofer IKTS. / Photo: Steffen Rasche/Altech Advanced Materials/dpa/archive image

Lusatia develops into a focal point for battery production

The establishment of companies like Altech promotes the development of battery production in Lusatia. Altech plans to build two factories in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park in Brandenburg, with investments of over one billion euros and the creation of 1,000 jobs.

Wind turbines turning in the sunset / Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa/Archivbild

New record for feed-in of green electricity

Sun and wind are generating more and more electricity. On the other hand, consumers are increasingly using heat pumps, electric cars and storage in their own homes. This increases the demands on the grid. As a result, the operator Mitnetz has to make substantial investments.