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BSW expects millions in tax revenue for upcoming election campaigns

Sahra Wagenknecht, Federal Chairwoman of the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance / Photo: Hannes P Albert/dpa
Sahra Wagenknecht, Federal Chairwoman of the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance / Photo: Hannes P Albert/dpa

The Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance is expecting 2.75 million euros from state partial funding for upcoming election campaigns. Budgets totaling 1.3 million euros are planned for the East.

The Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance is expecting millions of euros in tax funding for the next election campaigns. "We expect to receive around 2.75 million euros from partial state funding for our successful performance in the European elections," BSW treasurer Ralph Suikat told Der Spiegel. The money is expected to flow in 2025.

In the European elections, BSW achieved 6.2 percent nationwide, totaling around 2.45 million votes. Parties that achieved at least 0.5 percent in this election are entitled to state funding. The amount depends, among other things, on their results and donations. According to Suikat, the BSW can currently draw on donations amounting to 8 million euros.

The BSW is planning a total budget of 1.3 million euros for the election campaigns in the east, said the treasurer: around 400,000 euros for Thuringia, around 300,000 euros for Saxony and around 250,000 euros for Brandenburg. A remaining budget of 350,000 euros is still to be distributed. According to "Spiegel", Suikat is expecting around 500,000 to 600,000 euros in state campaign cost reimbursements for the three state elections in the east.

The BSW received several large donations after it was founded in January. For example, a private individual donated 990,000 euros in January and another 4.09 million euros shortly afterwards. The donations are very high compared to other parties.

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