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CDU and AfD tied in election poll in Saxony

The CDU in Saxony is on a par with the AfD, according to an election poll. In the survey conducted by the opinion research institute Civey and the "Sächsische Zeitung" (Monday), both parties landed at 33 percent. The Greens, the Left Party and the SPD would therefore have to worry about entering the ..

Köpping calls for more financial leeway

The SPD's designated lead candidate in Saxony, Petra Köpping, has called for more will to shape the state's most pressing problems. It is not enough to simply name the problems and enrich them with unworthy discussions, said the 65-year-old at the extraordinary state party conference in Neukieritzsc ..

Lars Klingbeil at the state party conference of the SPD Saxony

Saxony's SPD wants to get in the mood for the state elections next September at a state party conference. Among other things, SPD federal chairman Lars Klingbeil is expected to give a speech on Saturday (10.00 am) in Neukieritzsch (Leipzig district). In addition, current Social Affairs Minister Petr ..

Köpping: Winning voters with trust and reliability

The SPD's designated lead candidate in Saxony, Petra Köpping, wants to win over voters with trust and reliability. She is convinced that experience will play an important role in the state elections next September, the 65-year-old told the German Press Agency. "In the current crisis-ridden times, pe ..

Kretschmer wants to remain CDU state leader: Vote

Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer wants to lead the CDU in Saxony for another two years. To this end, he is running for the chairmanship again at the state party conference in Chemnitz on Saturday. In the vote two years ago, the now 48-year-old achieved a rather meagre result of around 76 percent. I ..

Migration: Kretschmer calls for cross-party solution

Saxony's Minister President Michael Kretschmer has called for a cross-party solution to the problems of the federal states and municipalities on the subject of migration, but has expressed skepticism about the proposals of Chancellor Olaf Scholz's (SPD) "traffic light" coalition. "The horizon of exp ..

Wagenknecht party to run in eastern German elections

Politician Sahra Wagenknecht wants to run with her new party in the three eastern German state elections next year, if possible. "We are striving to run in the three federal states, but whether we really make it in all three will of course depend on how the state associations are set up by then, whi ..

Homeland Union accuses Greens and SPD of denial of reality

The conservative Homeland Union has accused Saxony's CDU coalition partners of the Greens and SPD of "denying reality." "In the state election on September 1, 2024, voters will hopefully give the right answer and encourage these two parties to rethink their unrealistic policies by an election result ..

SPD top candidate Köpping promotes change of strategy

With an eye to next year's state elections in Saxony, Social Affairs Minister and SPD top candidate Petra Köpping has called for a change in her party's strategy. "It's important to me that people see that a coalition can work together," Köpping said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio broadc ..

SPD top candidate Köpping promotes change of strategy

With an eye to next year's state elections in Saxony, Social Affairs Minister and SPD top candidate Petra Köpping has called for a change in her party's strategy. "It's important to me that people see that a coalition can work together," Köpping said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio broadc ..

Köpping SPD top candidate for the 2024 state election

Saxony's Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping is to lead the SPD as top candidate in the state election in just under a year. This was announced by the state executive committee on Monday in Dresden. An extraordinary party conference on November 25 must still confirm the selection.Four years ago ..

2024 state election: SPD wants to give 100 percent in the final sprint

The SPD in the Saxon state parliament is already gearing up for the finale a year before the state elections. "We give 100 percent for the final spurt," faction leader Dirk Panter expressed his determination on Friday after a faction retreat in Chemnitz. He said that opportunities must be seized ins ..

Greens continue "#ThisPeople" campaign

After a verbal attack by Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) on his Green coalition partner, the latter is now using the head of government's words in his own cause. "We will continue the #DieseLeute campaign in the coming weeks and show various personalities who belong to "These people ..

Discord in the coalition and criticism of Kretschmer

From the Saxony coalition are again discords audible. SPD leader Henning Homann on Monday criticized continued criticism of the traffic light government in Berlin by Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and the CDU/CSU. "The campaigns against the traffic light are unserious. Because it is the fed ..

Greens want to streamline building regulations

The Greens in the Saxon state parliament want to streamline the regulations for building. "Building must not only become more climate-friendly, but above all simpler and more cost-effective," said MP Thomas Löser in Dresden on Sunday. "As legislators, we should therefore urgently grant more freedom ..

Höcke swears in AfD supporters in the east for election year 2024

Thuringia's AfD state party and parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke has sworn in his supporters in Oranienburg for the election year 2024 and underlined the party's ambitions. "We must achieve one thing (...) that those who love Germany with all their hearts come to the high state offices - to th ..

Solidarity among the Free Voters in Saxony

The Free Voters (FW) in Saxony want to show unity with a view to the local and state elections in 2024. At a meeting in Oederan, they have closed ranks, explained FW state leader Thomas Weidinger on Thursday. "For the first time, we have succeeded in establishing the connection between the municipal ..

Parties want further reduced tax for gastronomy

Solid majority: All parties represented in the Saxon state parliament are in favor of a reduced VAT rate in the catering industry beyond 2023. After the Greens and the AfD, the CDU, SPD and Left also spoke out in favor on Thursday. "Already because of the general inflation, it would be wrong to rais ..

Saxony SPD sees poor poll numbers as "warning shot"

Saxony's SPD sees poor poll results for itself and others as a "warning shot" a year before state elections. For the first time, one is in a situation where the coalition of CDU, Greens and SPD would no longer have a majority - even if only just, party leader Henning Homann said in Dresden on Thursd ..

Free voters in Saxony back Aiwanger

The Free Voters in Saxony have backed their controversial federal chairman Hubert Aiwanger and called for an end to the debate about his person. "Aiwanger's statements are to be believed within the framework of the presumption of innocence. We therefore fully back Hubert Aiwanger, whom we have alway ..

Vorländer: "In an election, it comes down to top personnel".

The Dresden-based political scientist Hans Vorländer sees the current INSA poll on the state election in Saxony as merely a snapshot. "Generally speaking, these are polls. They give a picture of the mood at the present time. They are not a forecast for the future election. That must be emphasized ag ..

Insa poll: AfD at 35 percent in Saxony: ahead of CDU

A year before the state elections in Saxony, the AfD is in first place in the state, according to an Insa poll - clearly ahead of Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer's CDU. The AfD comes in at 35 percent, the "Leipziger Volkszeitung" (LVZ) reported Thursday. The CDU stands at 29 percent. The LVZ had c ..