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Trades and associations call for measures to save the construction and real estate industries

The skilled trades and associations are appealing to the federal government to take action to save the construction and real estate industry in order to ensure affordable housing and achieve climate targets.

In view of a dramatic situation in the construction, housing and real estate industries, trades and associations have urgently called on the German government to take action. The impending collapse "must be averted" so that housing remains affordable and the climate goals are also achieved, representatives appealed after a meeting on Friday in the Saxon State Chancellery. It is a matter of reliability and planning security.

Subsidized loans and raising the income limits in the promotion to make the acquisition of home ownership more attractive, a staggered levy of property tax and the waiver of further tightening of energy standards, as well as deletions in the area of rural development and continuation of the Baukindergeld are the proposals contained in a "Dresden Declaration" to the "housing summit" on Monday in the Chancellor's Office in Berlin.

"It is about constructive proposals for solutions," said Regional Development Minister Thomas Schmidt (CDU). Things are still going well on construction sites, he said, despite rising construction prices, interest rates and high energy costs, but that is just a "bow wave we are pushing in front of us."

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