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Germany ticket in good demand in central Germany

A "D-Ticket" in smart card format. / Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa/Symbolbild
A "D-Ticket" in smart card format. / Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa/Symbolbild

Also in the area of the Central German Transport Association (MDV), the Deutschlandticket is in good demand. According to its information on Tuesday, more than 90,000 people have been using it since the beginning of May, and according to initial estimates, the number of contract-based users - subscription, job or semester ticket - has grown by more than 15 percent. Whether new customers could be won by the D-Ticket, will be determined only in the course of the year by a nationwide market research, it was said.

The 13 transport companies in the MDV succeeded in making the use of the D-Ticket quickly possible, praised Managing Director Steffen Lehmann. He demanded at the same time the promise to the complete compensation of the reduced incomes also starting from January 2024, whereby the countries in the Bundesrat support for the financing of the D-Ticket starting from 2024 would have promised in principle. In addition, he said, there were additional unforeseen financing needs independent of the D-Ticket due to strong cost increases in the industry. This cannot be met by the municipalities and local transport companies alone. The introduction of the D-ticket is "a courageous and innovative political decision", which has however only existence, if until year end a loadable solution for the total financing stands.

The MDV group area extends on altogether 11.300 square kilometers over parts of Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt and offers 2.1 million people access to public transport.

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