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Construction logs lie on top of each other in a so-called "wet storage yard" / Photo: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa

High proceeds from the sale of fine woods in Saxony

The sale of valuable timber has once again generated high proceeds for Saxony's forest owners this year. An average of 574 euros per cubic meter was paid at the timber submission, a type of auction. This was around nine percent less than in the record year of 2023, but 19 percent higher than the result in 2022.

Martin Dulig speaks after a cabinet meeting in Chemnitz / Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

Saxony wants to use wood from its own forests more efficiently

Saxony wants to make better use of wood from local forests. According to Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD), the potential of wood for achieving climate targets is still vastly underestimated. "The abundance of wood, especially in the Westerzgebirge, provides a good basis for long and robust valu ..