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Ministry of Culture plans new AI tool for Saxon schools

Pupils at a grammar school sit in front of a computer and use an AI tool. / Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa
Pupils at a grammar school sit in front of a computer and use an AI tool. / Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

While artificial intelligence is finding its way into everyday school life, trade unions and pupils are calling for standardized offers. Now the Ministry of Education wants to provide teachers with a tool.

The Saxon Ministry of Culture is pushing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in schools. A new AI tool is to be made available to teachers before the start of the 2024/2025 school year, the ministry announced. The tool will initially support the creation of texts and later also images. Tasks could then be generated using AI, making it easier to prepare, conduct and follow up on lessons. "Training courses for teachers are also being prepared to support the introduction of the tool," the statement continued.

The new AI tool is currently still being developed. Among other things, questions regarding the specific technical implementation, financing and data protection requirements need to be clarified, the ministry said.

The Education and Science Union (GEW) criticized the fact that there are currently no clear offers regarding which data protection-compliant platforms can be used by schools. "Teachers and schools have to take care of this themselves and, in case of doubt, also bear the risk," said Burkhard Naumann, state chairman of GEW Saxony.

Naumann rejects the idea of shifting the challenges of digitalization onto teachers: "Politicians also have to do their homework and create the right framework conditions for this". Obstacles continue to be outdated curricula, overworked teaching staff and inadequate technical equipment in schools.

The Saxony State Student Council (LSR) also sees a need for action with regard to the digitalization of Saxon schools. It is calling for all pupils in Saxony to be equipped with suitable end devices on a one-to-one basis. Pupils and teachers need to learn how to deal with the opportunities and risks arising from AI. This is the only way to assess and critically scrutinize results.

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