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Domenico Müllensiefen awarded Johnson sponsorship prize

The author Domenico Müllensiefen has been honored with the Uwe-Johnson-Förderpreis 2023. The 36-year-old received the honor, which is endowed with 5000 euros, on Friday evening in the rehearsal stage of the Schauspielhaus Neubrandenburg, as the Mecklenburg Literary Society announced on Saturday. The laudation was held by the Germanist and journalist Dirk Oschmann. Müllensiefen, who lives in Leipzig, was honored with the sponsorship award for his debut novel "From Our Fires."

In the work, the author creates "an impressive narrative space" on two time levels, the jury's decision said. The novel depicts the lives and dreams of three friends born in East Germany in 1985. They work in an electrical company, a slaughterhouse and a mortician. Among other things, Müllensiefen's authentic and detailed narrative style is praised.

The Uwe Johnson Prize recognizes outstanding first works in which points of contact with the poetics of Uwe Johnson (1934-1984) can be found and which display an incorruptible point of view. It is awarded by the Mecklenburg Literary Society. Johnson ranks among the most important writers in divided Germany. The award ceremony is considered a highlight of the Uwe Johnson Literature Days 2023.

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