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"The Green Rebel" - An Ultra Adventure Hike in the Ore Mountains

Putting on the rope gear to cross a river (Image: Thomas Wolf)
Putting on the rope gear to cross a river (Image: Thomas Wolf)

Hike "The green rebel" - memory of the Erzgebirge game shooter Karl Stülpner awakens at this special running and hiking event.

On May 6, 2023, the orientation hike "The Green Rebel" took place in the beautiful middle Zschopau Valley in the Ore Mountains. The event is a tribute to the Ore Mountains marksman Karl Stülpner, who is also known as the "Saxon Robin Hood". With this sporting challenge, the rebellious flame and the history of Stülpner, who lived from 1752 to 1841, should be kept alive.

The participants of the Ultra Adventure Hike could choose between three different route lengths and started at different times. The name "Ultra Adventure Hike" is composed of three terms: "Ultra" stands for distances over marathon length, "Adventure" for the adventure that the participants experience on the route, and "Hike" for hiking. So the participants had to complete an ultra-adventure hike in the UNESCO World Heritage Ore Mountains/Krušnohoří Coal and Steel Region.

In addition to orientation with a map and compass, the challenges on the course included overcoming obstacles in nature and targeted shooting with a laser biathlon rifle at the beginning and end of the hike. Instead of hunting real game, the participants carried weight in their backpacks, symbolic of the game, and tried to complete the route in a specified time.

The start and finish of the spectacle were located at the Scharfenstein sports field, Hopfgartner Str. 35 in 09430 Drebach. The event offered participants not only a sporting challenge, but also the opportunity to honor and remember the stories and deeds of the Erzgebirge game shooter Karl Stülpner.