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Another warning strike by teachers and university employees

Teachers and university employees in Saxony have once again called a warning strike on Wednesday. One day before the next round of collective bargaining for state employees, the unions want to put the pressure on once again. They are planning a central rally in front of the Ministry of Finance in Dr ..

Thousands at pharmacist protest: Pharmacies closed

Numerous pharmacists from the eastern German states gathered in Dresden on Wednesday to protest against the federal government's healthcare policy. According to the Federal Union of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), up to 3,000 pharmacies in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thur ..

Verdi calls for warning strike

The trade union Verdi has called for a warning strike this Friday in the Chemnitz-Erzgebirge-Mittelsachsen region - including at Chemnitz University of Technology. The reason for this is the so far unsuccessful wage negotiations for the public sector of the federal states, the union announced on Thu ..

Searches after May 1 demonstration in Gera

On May 1, hundreds of people from both the right and the left took to the streets in Gera. There was an attempt to break through. Investigators are looking into allegations of breach of the peace and have now searched the properties of suspects in several federal states.

Searches after May Day demonstration in Gera

On May 1, hundreds of right-wing and left-wing protesters took to the streets in Gera. There was an attempt to break through. Investigators are looking into allegations of breach of the peace and have now searched the properties of suspects in several federal states.

Asylum protest almost moves in front of Kretschmer's Dresden home

Participants of a protest meeting against a planned refugee shelter in the north of Dresden moved to the home of Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) on Sunday. In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), dozens of people can be seen walking down a residential street behind a banner readi ..

36 crimes since Hamas attack on Israel at demonstrations

Since the attack by the Hamas terror militia on Israel on October 7, a total of 36 politically motivated crimes have been reported to the Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in connection with it. Half were detected at demonstrations in Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig and Pirna, the Interior Minist ..

Around 500 people at pro-Israel rally

Under the motto "Solidarity with Israel", about 500 people gathered in downtown Chemnitz on Tuesday evening. The Jewish community of Chemnitz had called for this, as the Chemnitz police said. The meeting was peaceful and without counter-protests or criminal acts. It lasted a little more than an hour ..

Police with large contingent at demonstrations on Middle East conflict

Two demonstrations on the Middle East conflict in Leipzig had passed off peacefully by evening. There was both a pro-Israeli and a pro-Palestinian rally there. Police were on the scene Thursday afternoon with more than 500 officers to prevent a possible escalation. Police spokesman Olaf Hoppe said t ..

Höcke swears in AfD supporters in the east for election year 2024

Thuringia's AfD state party and parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke has sworn in his supporters in Oranienburg for the election year 2024 and underlined the party's ambitions. "We must achieve one thing (...) that those who love Germany with all their hearts come to the high state offices - to th ..

Police investigate more than 1300 people

About three months after the left-wing radical "Day X" in Leipzig, police are investigating 1323 people. This figure was given by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior in response to a small question from the Left Party MP Juliane Nagel, as the politician announced on Friday. Against the involved ones ..

Fridays for Future activists gear up for climate strike

Droughts, floods and forest fires: In view of the fatal consequences of global warming, the climate protection movement Fridays for Future (FFF) is also gearing up for the next global climate strike in Dresden. On September 15, the activists want to draw attention to the dramatic nature of the clima ..

Hundreds of people at demo against racism in Chemnitz

Five years after the racist riots in Chemnitz, several hundred people demonstrated against right-wing violence. Under the motto "No Forgetting, No Forgiving, No Ending", the Chemnitz Nazi Free Alliance had called for a rally on Saturday followed by a procession. The police had prepared for an operat ..

Jung: Protesters are "crazed delinquents"

Leipzig's mayor Burkhard Jung has called far-left demonstrators "crazed delinquents." "What a weekend this city has had again. Unbelievable. Grönemeyer concert, city festival, completely crazed delinquents in Connewitz - it's all part of it," the SPD politician said at a reception for the RB Leipzig ..