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Dresden CDU nominates candidates for city council and local council elections 2024

Candidates City Council Dresden 2024 CDU (Photo: Thomas Wolf)
Candidates City Council Dresden 2024 CDU (Photo: Thomas Wolf)

The Dresden CDU has nominated its candidates for the local elections on June 9, 2024. Here you can find all Dresden CDU candidates.

On December 2, 2023, the Dresden CDU officially nominated its candidates for the city council elections on June 9, 2024. This decisive political event will determine the composition of the city council, which acts as the elected representative of Dresden's citizens and consists of 70 members. In accordance with the Saxon Municipal Code (SächsGemO), the Lord Mayor chairs the City Council.

The elections, which cover the entire city area of Dresden, including ten city districts and nine localities, are held according to the principles of personalized proportional representation. Each voter has three votes, which can be allocated to one or more candidates from different nominations.

One unexpected event was the last-minute withdrawal of Dr. Maik Peschel as a candidate and his resignation from the CDU, which caused some unrest before the election. Nevertheless, the nomination at the 63rd district party conference went off without incident, with Anke Wagner being elected to first place on the list for Peschel's former constituency 10.

The nominated candidates for the 2024 city council elections are as follows:

  • Constituency 1 (Altstadt): Dr. Hans-Joachims Brauns
  • Constituency 2 (Neustadt): Johannes Schwenk
  • Constituency 3 (Pieschen): Veit Böhm
  • Constituency 4 (Klotzsche, Weixdorf, Schönfeld-Weißig): Bettina Kempe-Gebert
  • Constituency 5 (Blasewitz / Striesen): Steffen Kaden
  • Constituency 6 (Tolkewitz, Seidnitz, Dobritz, Gruna): Peter Krüger
  • Constituency 7 (Leuben / Loschwitz): Heike Ahnert
  • Constituency 8 (Prohlis): Mario Schmidt
  • Constituency 9 (Plauen): Thomas Lehmann
  • Constituency 10 (Cotta, Löbtau, Naußlitz): Anke Wagner
  • Constituency 11 (Gorbitz, Briesnitz and localities): Mirko Göhler

Parallel to the city council elections, local council elections will also be held. The local councillors, who decide on matters relating to the respective localities, are also elected for five years. The election is held in the same way as the city council election, with each locality forming its own constituency.

Nominated candidates for the local council election include:

  • Local Weixdorf: Alexander Manzke
  • Local Mobschatz: Maximilian Vörtler
  • Local Gompitz: Ute Pfeil

These elections are an essential part of local democracy in Dresden, as they determine political representation and decision-making at city and locality level. The citizens of Dresden are called upon to use their vote to actively shape the future of their city and localities.

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