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Kretschmer promotes Saxony in Paris

Minister President Michael Kretschmer (CDU) wants to promote Saxony's economic cooperation and friendship with France during a visit to Paris. During the two-day trip, the Free State will host a reception on Wednesday together with the German ambassador to mark the Day of German Unity, as the Saxon ..

DGB calls for more dynamism in structural change in Lusatia

Full energy for Lusatia: The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) has called for more dynamism in structural change in the south of Brandenburg and eastern Saxony. "Now must be clotted and not blotted. For this, a forward-looking structural policy is necessary, which focuses on tariff-bound, co-de ..

Business delegation in East Asia on promotional tour for Saxony

With a delegation of entrepreneurs and scientists, Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) will be going on a promotional tour for Saxony's economy and research in East Asia next week. The appointments in Japan and South Korea will focus on cooperation in the field of microelectronics, alternative dri ..

Fund promotes Saxon start-ups

The Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (Saxony Technology Founders Fund) plans to support around 40 start-ups in its next funding period. For this purpose, 93.5 million euros are available, the fund announced on Thursday. The founders could receive between 200,000 and 5 million euros in funding. In que ..

Günther calls for temporary bridge electricity price

Saxony's energy minister Wolfram Günther has called for a temporary, subsidized bridge electricity price for energy-intensive industrial companies. In Saxony, indispensable basic materials for the semiconductor and solar industries are produced, there are numerous energy-intensive companies that are ..

Economy in Saxony: Exports rise by a good 17 percent

In 2022, Saxon companies increased their exports to a record level. They increased their exports by 17% to 52.7 billion euros. The Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS) announced that the development was not only due to higher prices. China remained the most important export market with 8.7 ..