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Government hopes for high turnout in elections

A ballot paper is thrown into a ballot box. / Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa/Symbolic image
A ballot paper is thrown into a ballot box. / Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa/Symbolic image

The Saxon government is hoping for a high turnout in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament and in the local elections in the Free State. Minister-President Michael Kretschmer (CDU) welcomed corresponding election appeals from initiatives, clubs and associations in Dresden on Thursday. "You all deserve a big thank you for this. We are all witnesses to the fact that democracy, the rule of law and freedom of expression are a better concept than socialism and a planned economy."

Kretschmer accused enemies of democracy of making an absolute claim to their own opinion and not allowing the opinions of others. He called on all eligible voters to go to the polls. "Anyone who goes to vote takes their fate into their own hands and does not leave it to others - and cannot complain afterwards that others voted the wrong way."

Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) also called for a high turnout. "Your opinion is crucial this Sunday, the future of your municipality is at stake. Support the local councillors with your vote; this honorary office demands a great deal and is an indispensable pillar for coexistence in our towns and communities," he said. The same applies to the European elections: "Brussels may seem far away, but the decisions there have an impact right on our doorstep."

On Sunday, the members of ten district councils, 418 city and municipal councils and around 855 local councils will be elected in Saxony, as well as ten city district councils in the state capital of Dresden. The term of office lasts until 2029. In addition, the mayors of Niederwürschnitz and Schkeuditz will be elected for the next seven years.

The 96 members of the European Parliament from Germany will also be elected. This means that Germany has the highest number of MEPs. The voting age for the European elections is 16. In the local elections in Saxony, participation is only possible from the age of 18.

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