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The rebirth of old furniture: two brothers and their dream in the Ore Mountains

Tobias and Benjamin Kunzmann (Image: Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge)
Tobias and Benjamin Kunzmann (Image: Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge)

Immerse yourself in the inspiring story of Kunzmann Recovery, the Erzgebirge start-up that transforms old pieces of furniture into true treasures.

Once upon a time in the picturesque Erzgebirge mountains, in Lauter to be precise, two brothers, Tobias and Benjamin Kunzmann, turned an old garage into a magical workshop. Here, surrounded by mountains and forests, they found their true calling: the art of furniture upcycling.

The beginning of a journey

The journey began with an antique wooden cabinet with peeling paint and missing hardware. For most, it would have been a case for the trash. But not for the Kunzmann brothers. In their hands, the cabinet began to reveal its hidden beauty. Layer after layer of old paint was removed until the wood was restored to its original splendor.

Two brothers, one dream

Benjamin, the skilled carpenter, and Tobias, the creative graphic designer, have always had a special connection to wood. Both moved to the big city, but the longing for the Erzgebirge and the craft did not let them go. They returned and founded Kunzmann Recovery to pursue their passion.

The magical workshop

Their workshop resembles a treasure chest. Shelves are stacked with boxes of hardware, handles and trim. Each piece of furniture they salvage becomes unique. And with every move, they not only create a new piece of furniture, but also a new chapter in their own life story.

A deal that changes everything

Fate meant well for them. Through a collaboration with Holz-Weidauer, a local wood trading company, they were able to expand their workshop and present their unique pieces to a wider audience. But they dream bigger: they want to create a platform for regional artisans and thus strengthen the local economy.

Why this story is important

In a world dominated by mass production and throwaway culture, the Kunzmann brothers' story shows that there is another way. They prove that upcycling is not only good for the environment, but also for the soul.

The happy ending?

For Tobias and Benjamin, the Ore Mountains are more than just a home. It is the place where they realize their dreams and breathe new life into old things. And as they continue to craft in their workshop, they know: This is just the beginning of their story.

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