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California sues oil giants: What's up? 🌍🔥

Symbol image oil industry / pixabay wasi1370
Symbol image oil industry / pixabay wasi1370

California sues big oil companies for misleading and damaging the environment. The state wants justice and demands a fund for climatic adjustments.

Yo folks, check this out! California has sued the big players in the oil industry - BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and ConocoPhillips. 😱 Why? Because the guys and gals over there lied to us for years about how blatant the risks of fossil fuels are.

What's the beef?

California says these companies misled the public, causing billions of dollars in damage to the environment and communities. 🌳💸 The lawsuit was filed by Attorney General Rob Bonta and alleges the companies violated California law.

Not the first

Other states and cities such as Rhode Island, Baltimore and Honolulu have filed similar lawsuits. But California is now the largest economy to take action against the fossil fuel industry. 💪🌍

Old news, but still relevant 📜

The lawsuit claims these companies have known since the 1960s that fossil fuels would warm the planet. 🌡️ But instead of telling us the truth, they downplayed the risks. 🤷‍♂️

What does California want now?

California wants to set up a fund financed by the companies sued. This fund would be used for climate change adaptations and future climate change damages.

What are the companies saying? 🗨️

Shell says they want to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050. 🤥 But at the same time, they say the court is not the place to address climate change.

Conclusion 🎯

California is tired of footing the bill for the damage caused by these companies' lies. 🚒🔥 The state is using this lawsuit to hold big polluters accountable.

So, stay woke, folks! Climate change is real, and it's time for those responsible to pay. 💯🌍

Source: People of the State of California v. Big Oil

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