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Police investigate more than 1300 people

Police officers are pelted with pyrotechnics during a left-wing demonstration. / Photo: Sebastian Willnow/dpa
Police officers are pelted with pyrotechnics during a left-wing demonstration. / Photo: Sebastian Willnow/dpa

About three months after the left-wing radical "Day X" in Leipzig, police are investigating 1323 people. This figure was given by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior in response to a small question from the Left Party MP Juliane Nagel, as the politician announced on Friday. Against the involved ones because of the suspicion of the breach of the peace one investigates.

Nagel inquired also the age of humans, who had been encircled on 3 June after the dissolution of a demonstration in Leipzig by the police. Accordingly, 941 of those involved were older than 21. 276 had an age of 18 to 20 recorded, 104 were young people between 14 and 17 years. In addition, two criminal under-14-year-olds had ended up in the police kettle.

According to the Interior Ministry, 383 cell phones were confiscated from the suspects. In addition, the police seized 133 masking objects and 11 pyrotechnic products.

These figures speak "increasingly clear for an absolutely disproportionate action" against the demonstrators, criticized Nagel. It was also a scandal that those affected had not yet got their things back, especially the phones.

The Leipzig police chief had defended the large-scale operation on "Day X" as lawful, but at the same time admitted the need for action. Problematic had been, among other things, that the police had significantly underestimated the number of those encircled. It took about eleven hours until the last people could leave the area in a small park.

The "Day X" should be a reaction of the left scene to the verdict against the left-wing extremist Lina E. on May 31. In Leipzig, there had been riots on three different days. The actual demonstration on June 3, for which mobilizations had been made nationwide, had been banned by the city of Leipzig. Another demonstration with a different motto had initially remained permitted. In connection with it it came then to the police kettle.

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