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Down with climate protection, up with water! 💦

Flood symbol / pixabay Hans
Flood symbol / pixabay Hans

The Expert Council warns: Current climate protection measures are not sufficient for 2030. Parties such as the CDU/CSU are endangering the environment and prosperity. Immediate action is needed!

How many more floods, droughts, heatwaves and other extreme weather events do we have to experience before we finally recognize the urgency of climate protection? Every year, these disasters become more frequent and yet our measures remain inadequate. In its latest report, the Federal Government's Expert Council has clearly shown that the current climate targets for 2030 will be far from achieved if we do not act immediately.

It is incredible to see that there are parties such as the CDU/CSU that even want to further curtail the few existing climate protection measures. Have we learned nothing from the last few years? Do we first have to see our cities regularly flooded, as in Saarland in May and currently in southern Germany, our fields drying out and our forests burning before we finally take the right steps?

Is no one thinking about the future of our planet? The future of our children and grandchildren? We have a responsibility that goes far beyond our own lifetime. It's not just about political power or economic interests, it's about survival and quality of life on our planet.

The Expert Council warns clearly: if we don't take drastic action now, we will miss the climate targets for 2030. We must act - immediately and decisively. Let's take the warnings of scientists seriously and fight together for a sustainable and liveable future.

It's not just about the environment, but also about our prosperity. If we have to spend billions every year on the consequences of climate change, this money is missing in so many other areas - from education to health to pensions. Our entire standard of living is at stake!

It is in our hands to change course. We can and must do better. Stand up for consistent climate protection, call on your representatives in politics to take ambitious and effective measures and elect those who really have the future of our planet in mind.

Let's shape a sustainable and secure future together.

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