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Cabinet presents draft for Saxon integration law

Petra Köpping (SPD) speaks at the extraordinary state party conference of the Saxon SPD / Photo: Sebastian Willnow/dpa
Petra Köpping (SPD) speaks at the extraordinary state party conference of the Saxon SPD / Photo: Sebastian Willnow/dpa

Saxony wants to improve the integration and participation of migrants and has approved a corresponding draft in the cabinet. This is now to be discussed in the state parliament, said Saxony's Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping on Tuesday in Dresden. The SPD politician was optimistic that the Saxon Integration and Participation Act could come into force in the course of next year. Köpping spoke of a "milestone" and reminded the audience that only six federal states have such a law to date. In eastern Germany, Saxony is the first state - with the exception of Berlin.

The draft describes integration as a joint task of the state and local authorities and is intended to create "resilient structures". According to Köpping, it sets the framework for successful integration in Bavaria. The draft is also a clear signal to clubs and associations that structures such as the psychosocial centers and the state language program should be made permanent, Köpping emphasized.

In job advertisements in public authorities, for example, the ministry wants it to be explicitly stated that applications from people with a migration background are expressly welcome. The aim is to employ more migrants.

At the same time, the SPD politician emphasized that these are expectations rather than obligations. No quotas are planned.

The draft provides for the Saxon Commissioner for Foreigners to become the Commissioner for Integration in future. It is also planned to submit a regular report on the status of integration and participation - every five years in future.

The draft also focuses on the principle of "demand and support", emphasized Köpping. Commitment to acquiring the German language and reasonable efforts to secure one's own livelihood would be central components of this. "The fastest possible integration through training and work is the best way for me."

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