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Police investigate after butyric acid attack in Heidenheim

Blue light shines on a police vehicle / Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa
Blue light shines on a police vehicle / Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa

The protest action by unknown persons at the match against RB Leipzig not only annoys Heidenheim coach Frank Schmidt. The police are also looking into the incident.

After the butyric acid attack at the match between 1 FC Heidenheim and RB Leipzig (1:2) in the Bundesliga, the police have launched an investigation. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Ulm police headquarters to the German Press Agency on Sunday. Unidentified persons had poured liquid into the visitors' block before the stadium gates opened on Saturday. According to a Heidenheim club spokesperson, the affected area had been cleaned as well as possible. Nevertheless, it smelled of vomit during the match. Several RB fans had already expressed their displeasure on social media before kick-off.

Heidenheim coach Frank Schmidt condemned the action in the strongest possible terms. "I lack any form of understanding," said the 50-year-old after the game on Saturday. Some people obviously lack intelligence, said Schmidt. "Anyone can have an opinion here - even about RB Leipzig. But something like that? I'm ashamed of that. That's not right." He also wanted to apologize on behalf of the club. He had noticed the stench himself through his nose, the coach explained. FCH board member Petra Saretz told the "Bild" newspaper that the matter would be investigated.

RB Leipzig, often referred to as the "RB construct" by many soccer fans, has been viewed critically for years. There have already been fan protests against the Saxons at numerous matches in the past.

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