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"Heim-TÜV" certifies solid accommodation for refugees

Refugees are, according to the assessment of Saxony's Commissioner for Foreigners Geert Mackenroth, accommodated and cared for in the Free State in a largely sound manner. However, the conditions in the individual accommodations vary greatly. "The 'Heim-TÜV' shows potential, and its results improve the lives of people seeking protection with us. The overall situation in the Free State is solid, but there is room for improvement."

Mackenroth expressed satisfaction that it was possible to further develop and carry out the investigations into the quality of accommodation despite the Corona pandemic. "We have scientifically sound instruments that tap into the structures, the accommodation in the municipalities and reception facilities and the residents' perspectives." Scientists are also involved in the analysis.

According to the experts, the guarantee of privacy and self-contained housing units increase the satisfaction of shelter residents. A decentralized accommodation in apartments is preferable to community accommodations, even if the evaluation of the accommodation in the homes varies greatly. Recommended are binding controls for the adherence to minimum standards and a stringent quality management, in order to ensure equivalent accommodation conditions.

In addition, the experts advise an intensified co-operation with the civil society - particularly with view of advisory, educational and leisure offers for the inhabitants of the mechanisms. Bottlenecks in social, medical and, above all, psychological care must be reduced, they say, in order to meet the needs of particularly vulnerable groups and to be able to respond to trauma as well as conflicts in the facility.

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