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New meerkat offspring conquers hearts at Chemnitz Zoo

Meerkat drinks from its mother (Photo: Tierpark Chemnitz, Sophie Hohaus)
Meerkat drinks from its mother (Photo: Tierpark Chemnitz, Sophie Hohaus)

Chemnitz Zoo is delighted to welcome a meerkat offspring. Find out more about the new member of the family and the special Easter activities at the zoo.

The Chemnitz Zoo has some good news: The meerkats, one of the most popular animal species among visitors, have had an offspring. The unnamed cub, which saw the light of day on February 12, can now be admired by visitors in the outdoor enclosure.

Meerkats are known for their social structure within the colony, and this is also reflected in the care the young animal receives. It is looked after and protected not only by its mother, but by the entire group. In the meantime, the little meerkat, whose eyes and ears have opened after about two weeks, is curiously venturing out to explore its home.

The zoo is taking the opportunity to draw attention to a special program over Easter and the Easter vacations. In addition to extended opening hours, a sweet surprise awaits younger guests on Good Friday. A special highlight is the annual Easter egg hunt in the Oberrabenstein Wildlife Park on Easter Sunday, which traditionally attracts many families.

In addition, a special area for Easter chicks is set up in the zoo, and the popular show feedings of wolves, lynx, mouflons, bison and wildcats take place in the wildlife park.

Back to the topic of meerkats: Interestingly, the animals at Chemnitz Zoo are not given names to individualize them for the public. As confirmed in response to an inquiry, names are only given internally by the animal keepers, as the lively meerkats are difficult for visitors to identify individually.

Chemnitz Zoo and the Oberrabenstein Wildlife Park therefore not only invite you to observe the new meerkat offspring, but also to enjoy a varied Easter program. It promises to be an exciting experience for the whole family, with a focus on connecting with nature and the animal inhabitants.

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