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460 petitions: More citizens turn to the state parliament

In the past year, more citizens have again turned to the Saxon state parliament with requests and complaints. In 2022, according to data from Tuesday, a total of 460 petitions were received, almost 60 more than the year before (403). "The interest in the petition process is fortunately unbroken," said the chairwoman of the Petitions Committee, Simone Lang, according to the statement. The number of submitted letters and treated petitions had increased again after a significant slump in 2021.

105 submissions concerned social issues - it was about the preservation of hospitals and special departments, lack of medical care or problems in the field of specialists and family doctors, as well as criticism of social insurance. 77 petitions dealt with noise protection or problems of pedestrians and cyclists in traffic. At 56, the number of petitions in the area of school education was comparatively high, mainly dealing with teacher needs. The petition report is to be discussed this Thursday in the plenum.

The most signatures (20,791) reached an initiative for a better staffing ratio in Kitas to better compensate for absences. Against industry at the baroque garden Grosssedlitz directed a collective petition with 4882 signatures.

In the reporting period, according to the data, 351 petitions were completed. With 24 requests could be helped completely or partially, 72 were explained for settled and 33 referred to the state government. For 246 cases there was meanwhile no remedy.

According to the constitution of the Free State the right exists to turn individually or in community in writing with requests, concerns or complaints also to the parliament, connected with the requirement on a reasoned answer. With 28 members, the Petitions Committee is the largest body of its kind in parliament.

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