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Dresden tests outdoor offices: A fresh idea with downsides

Dresden is becoming a pilot city for outdoor offices. The initiative brings a breath of fresh air to the working world, but also raises questions about feasibility.

The Jungliberale Aktion Dresden has launched a new initiative to enable outdoor working. With tables and benches on the Elbwiese, the organization wants to give emphasis to the demand for outdoor office workplaces. Especially in the current temperatures, it is an imposition to have to work in the office or from home, without an alternative in the fresh air.

Why outdoor offices?

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the working environment has changed significantly. Mobile working and home offices have become more attractive, and many professionals and students have the flexibility to choose their work location. However, there is often a lack of suitable outdoor workplaces. To counteract this shortage, Jungliberale Aktion Dresden plans to set up tables and benches in public parks, green spaces and along the Elbe meadows. These are to be equipped with power outlets and Internet access to meet the needs of modern workplaces.

The other side of the coin

As tempting as the idea sounds, there are some challenges that need to be considered:

  • Sunlight: In extreme sunlight, monitors could become difficult to read. Additional shading or placing offices under trees could help.
  • Air conditioning: Many offices are air-conditioned, providing a comfortable working temperature that is not always available outdoors.
  • Teleconferencing: If too many people work close together, teleconferencing could become a challenge.

Why is the issue important?

The initiative has the potential to revolutionize the world of work and increase the quality of life as well as the attractiveness of Dresden as a place to work. However, the challenges mentioned must be addressed in order to find broad acceptance.


The Jungliberale Aktion Dresden passed a motion at the spring district congress to create outdoor office workplaces. The district chairman, Carl Gruner, sees the initiative as an opportunity to make Dresden a pioneer in modern work options.


The idea of outdoor offices is not new, but the current initiative in Dresden could serve as a pilot project for other cities. Jungliberale Aktion Dresden is calling on the city council and city administration to help Dresden become a pioneer in flexible workplace design.

This article highlights the pros and cons of the initiative and provides impetus for further discussion. It remains to be seen how the city and its citizens will react to this innovative idea.

Source: Press release of Jungliberale Aktion Dresden, 12.09.2023

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